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2018 Accomplishments

There is no way for us to express our gratitude for each of you. Your prayers, participation, ministry and financial partnership this past year have been truly incredible! The Lord is using ALL of us to encourage women in tangible ways. The stories we hear are nothing short of miraculous. Approximately $10,000 in scholarships was offered to women here and in South Africa! God is using each of us to strengthen women in ministry. Here are a few highlights where we see Him at work.


Small Group Gatherings: Connecting with Like-Minded Women



Jackie Rettberg, Pam Cashion and Janae Swan host a luncheon in Orange County, introducing women in ministry to NEWIM.


Online Book Club

It’s helping us get to know each other as we discuss great books.


Local Small Group Gatherings

Women are finding connection with other women in ministry as they meet for coffee, or a morning of spiritual refreshment, locally and online. Women have a safe place, outside their church, where they can pray. Gatherings were held in San Jose, Oakdale, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, and online. Groups are now forming in San Diego and Kingsburg.

Newim's Writers' Group 

Cindi McMenamin and Kathy Collard Miller co-lead this new ministry and make wonderful resources available for free on our website. They host the first Writers’ Getaway in conjunctions with The Springs, inspiring NEWIM women to respond to God’s invitation to publish.

Six months later we are hearing from who who have published articles and books as a result of attending the Writers Getaway in November


Contemplative Retreats: Spending Time with the Lord

Women are blessed as they slip away to be with the Lord—we are able to make the retreats affordable through full and partial scholarships—thank you!

A Taste of Springs retreat

A Taste of Springs overnight retreat is held in Southern California.


The Springs Retreat - Three Rivers, CA

We held our 25th retreat at St. Anthony’s in March. The retreat has been full this year. Approximately half the women who come are first timers, which means that women are making the retreat a part of their annual rhythm which delights us.


The Arizona Springs Retreat - Prescott, AZ

Women can now count on a Springs retreat in Arizona Springs every fall.

The team has been increased. Local gatherings are introducing women to the retreat. Thirty women attended November 2018.


NEWIM - Cape Town

Glenda offers three Beautiful Day retreats a year for women in South Africa.


Safe Opportunity for Women: Sharing our Hearts, Confidentially

We all need to have the freedom to be authentic without fearing what we say will come back to haunt us. NEWIM provides opportunities for women to meet other women outside of their church and community.

One-on-one prayer times at our retreats


Pastors’ Wives Retreats

Pam and Janae led two back-to-back retreats in November 2018 and May 2019. More women who are married to pastors are being refreshed.

A new teams was formed in Oakdale: Christy Wold, Betsy Stowe and Darlene Derby led a Pastors’ Wives retreat, May 2019.


NEWIM Prayer Team

Elaine Russell and Kim Bagato receive prayer requests via and faithfully pray for the concerns that are shared.

At our contemplative retreats, small groups prayer together and there is opportunity for women to meet one-on-one with someone for confidential prayer.

Increasing NEWIM’s Exposure - Helping Women Find Us

Website - 4,000 unique visitors (June 1, 2018 thru May 30, 2019)

Twitter - weekly Holly Kalton posts inspirational quotes and advertisements about upcoming NEWIM events.

Facebook - weekly Holly Kalton posts inspirational quotes and advertisements. On Mondays she often poses a question and women interact.

Instagram - Kim Bagato posts inspiration quotes and advertisements weekly.

e-newsletter - we now have an editor who will be sending out newsletters every month.

Administrative/Organizational Accomplishments

2019 Leadership Team Retreat