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NEWIM is a network of Christian leaders who know the challenges of ministry and love to support one another.


Spiritual Enrichment so you can serve out of your love for Jesus

Personal Connections with other leaders so you never feel isolated and alone

Resources for personal growth and ministry so you don’t have to recreate the wheel

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We've experienced the isolation that can happen in ministry and we have found relationships with other leaders outside of our church community to be a lifeline.

Retreats | Local Gatherings | Prayer | Book Club | Writers’ Group



Do you need some time away with Jesus?

Be Refreshed at one of our retreats

First time participant shares her experience at The Springs retreat.


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Thought for the day

God tells us, don’t give me a schedule—trust me. Watch me do it my way in my time, and see what happens…pray, "Lord, I’m available—do whatever you want with my life, and show me what to do."

—Charles Stanley



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The contributions we receive are wisely managed and enable us to continue to support women in Christian leadership in the United States and South Africa.

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