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A Taste of The Springs - Southern California

May 11-12, 2018 (one-night)  $149


"A Taste of the Springs" —a one-night version of The Springs retreat NEWIM has hosted for twenty years. This is a private retreat with various options so women can design a retreat that meets their personal longing for time alone with the Lord. Everyone will have a private room and private bathroom.

The program includes short devotional chapels for worship and experiencing the Scripture, meals with a small group of women, leisurely hours of silence and solitude for being with the Lord. First timers will learn how to design their own personal retreat as they are being led through one. If you've been to a retreat before and would like to have a completely silent retreat, just let us know. 

Held at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, California

 CLICK photo to go to Prince of Peace Abbey website

CLICK photo to go to Prince of Peace Abbey website


The Schedule

We'll begin at 3 p.m. on Friday and close the retreat at 5 p.m. on Saturday

Friday, May 11

Chapel at Prince of Peace Abbey.jpg

  3:00     Registration, get settled, walk the grounds

  3:45     Welcome and Orientation    

  4:30     Opening Chapel

  5:00      Silence and Solitude

  5:45     Evening Chapel (Small Chapel)

  6:00     Dinner with your small group

  7:20    Communion Chapel

  8:00     An Evening of Silence and Solitude

Saturday, May 12

  7:10    Morning Chapel  

  7:30   Breakfast w/ small group

  8:00   Prayer w/ small group

  8:30-3:45   Silence and Solitude

        (8:30 Optional: Thoughts on Journaling with Luann Budd)

        (noon: Lunch in Silence)

  3:45  Closing Chapel

  4:30  Pack-up and check out

  5:00  Retreat concludes

The Team

Susan Booker, Luann Budd, Cheri Dale, Kim Lomakin, Christy Wold

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"A Taste of Springs" - Southern California

All of NEWIM's contemplative retreats are for the explicit purpose of giving women time to be with the Lord and deepening our love for Him. So instead of fellowship times, there are hours dedicated to silence and solitude so that we can contemplate the goodness of His character, ponder the mysteries of His love, and pursue those spiritual activities that draw us closer to Him.

We hope that you'll join us.

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