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Free Resources

Free Downloadable Key-Note Presentations and Documents


Alone? (Here’s Encouragement for Leaders)

Why do we feel so alone as we lead in ministry? Even with people all around us, we can feel very isolated. Mary Younger shares thoughtful questions to help discern why we are feeling so alone along with creative ideas for how to find resolution. (Mary Younger served for eighteen years as the Director of Womens Ministries and Service Ministries in Bakersfield, CA.)

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Bible Studies

Looking for a Bible study? NEWIM can help. These Bible studies have been provided by NEWIM just for you!


Christian Devotional Practices

Compiled by Luann Budd

Often the passion we feel for Christ when we are first saved may become buried under the weight of our ministries. Have you ever wondered how to return to your first love? Christian devotional practices are intended to open us to more fully comprehend the revealed mystery of the love of God (Eph. 3) and draw us into a heartfelt devotion for him. This resource uses common, everyday language to describe each practice and gives recommendations for where to find additional information. Q&A section addresses: What’s the purpose of engaging in these devotional practices? What is Spiritual Formation? What role does grace play? What’s our role? 8-page .pdf

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PIPE LIne: Partners In Prayer and Encouragement—

A Prayer Ministry for Your Pastoral Staff

By Kim Johnson

The greatest gift anyone can offer their pastor and pastoral staff is prayer. While a congregation will never hear a sermon from their pastor entitled, “How to Take Care of Me,” Scripture teaches that we need to support our spiritual leaders. Too often, however, their prayer and/or encouragement needs are forgotten or completely ignored. They are people, too. It is only their role in the church body that is different. (Romans 12:4-7). 


Silent Retreat Guide - Abiding in Christ

By Lisa Bergstedt and Pam Cashion

Experience the blessing of silence with the “Abiding in Christ” retreat guide. It includes 3 meditations based on John 15:1-8, along with questions and physical practices designed to facilitate your time with the Lord. It also includes tips on how to prepare for a silent retreat whether it be for yourself or a group in your church, bible study or fellowship group. 15-page .pdf

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Speaking As A Ministry For God’s Glory: A Speaker’s Guide

By Kathy Collard Miller

You are about to embark on an exciting adventure of discovering encouragement and practical ideas for fulfilling God’s call upon your life for speaking professionally for God’s glory. It’s a great joy for me to be able to pass along the wonderful tools that others have blessed me with. Let me be your teacher, encourager, and mentor. God has great things planned for you and I trust that what you find hidden in these pages will empower you as never before. 64 pages divided into chapters


Writing As a Ministry for God's Glory

by Kathy Collard Miller

This Guide will instruct, inspire, and empower you through the Holy Spirit to begin writing both fiction and non-fiction.

You’ll find in the eight chapters information about writing articles, personal experiences, devotionals, Christian Living books, and fiction. You also learn about basic editing, marketing, and balancing non-writing duties. Kathy is the author of over 50 books and will walk you through important information in a practical and understandable way.

In preparation for attending the Writers Getaway, print out and read this material. You’ll refer to it during the Getaway.

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