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Spiritual Direction

Opportunities to meet with a Spiritual Director

Few things are as helpful in someone's spiritual development as having a place to safely consider experiences, thoughts, beliefs, doubts and feelings without fear of judgment, advice or misunderstanding. Spiritual Direction is a conversation intended to create just such a safe place. We are pleased to be able to offer women the opportunity to meet with a Spiritual Director during the Springs retreat in November. LEARN more about the Directors.

The primary relationship in Spiritual Direction is between the one seeking direction and the Spirit of God. In Spiritual Direction, it is assumed God is at work in the life of each person in significant ways and that reflecting on what is going on in each one of us can be helpful in the process of spiritual growth. It is called "direction" not because the director will discern what is going on and tell the one seeking direction what they should do. Instead, direction refers to the Spiritual Director drawing attention to where it seems God is moving. This is done primarily through providing a safe space for the Spirit of God to work and the Director reflecting what she notices in the conversation.  

Why do people talk with a Director? Some seek spiritual direction because they have a decision to make and they want to be aided in discerning where the Lord is leading. Others come because their spiritual lives seem stuck; what used to help them grow is not having the same impact any longer. Others come because they have heard Spiritual Direction can open up new areas of spiritual development and they want all God might have for them. Many meet with a Director every month just to help them stay attuned to the movement of God in their lives.

The best way to decide if you are at a place in your walk with God where direction could benefit you is to meet with a Spiritual Director and see if it is helpful. At the Springs in November, we will have two trained Spiritual Directors with us: Dr. Luisa Johnson and Alicia Alegado. These women will be available to meet with up to seven women for one-on-one conversations. Sign up sheets will be available when you arrive. How could reflecting on what God is doing in your life not be worth exploring?