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President's Blog

Luann Budd, president of NEWIM, blogs about the spiritual life of a leader, shares insight from what she is reading, and reflects on the call to Christian leadership.

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That We May Have Life

Luann Budd

It's really easy to get buried in too much work, only to have one more thing come up that we must do. Of course we say, "Yes," and before long we are living overwhelmed. I've been quite surprised that even during retirement when I'm not reporting to a boss, I still find myself running ragged. It seems that no matter what stage of life we are in, the only way to have some time to rest is to schedule it.

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Luann Budd

We often live as if heaven were far away, lost somewhere beyond the clouds. Yet, we affirm that Jesus said he would never leave us and we know the Holy Spirit lives within us. If the Presence of God brings heaven to us, if as Paul told the Athenians “we live and move and have our being in Him,” we don’t want to miss Him, living as if there is a distance.

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Floating in the River that is God's Love

Luann Budd

Are there prerequisites for Christian ministry? I think so.

Jesus really wants us to know His love. When we get to heaven, I think He will ask us, “Did you know that I loved you?” He wants us to float in the river that is His love. He doesn’t want us to just stand alongside the bank of the river getting splashed every so often. He wants us to jump in, be fully immersed, letting the current carry us downstream. That's a prereq for ministry.

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Learning to Pray from the Puritans

Luann Budd

I’ve been surprised to notice how often the Puritans prayed that they could enjoy TODAY one of the blessings we are promised in heaven. For example:

"Let there be unrestrained fellowship with Jesus, today.”

“In heaven we will hear the Divine Accolade, may we hear today, “Well done”. 

“In heaven, we will breathe joy. May we be filled with joy as we receive the gifts You give.”

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